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Support Providers

This is a list of providers who offer commercial support for Icarus Verilog and/or related products. A listing here does not imply any specific endorsement by me or any other Icarus Verilog developers. The descriptions are provided by listed entities (who have assured me that they are indeed interested in Icarus Verilog work) and added in the order received. Contact the listed entity directly for more information.

If you want to be added to this page, send the relevant information directly to me ( and I'll consider adding you. For now, there is no fee to be listed. If you think an entry is inappropriate or misleading, contact me directly.

NOTE: The statements below are provided by the listed organization; I have not checked their accuracy. Report inappropriate statements to me, and I will take it up with the submitter. (Bait-and-switch count as inappropriate.)

Stephen Williams


I am the original developer for Icarus Verilog. I am available for contract work on all aspects of the Icarus Verilog tool chain, including the core compiler, the run time, code generators, interfacing, and language support. I can also work on clean room simulation models for your IP product.

Dolly Software Private Limited


Incorporated in January 2010 in India. We have worked on Icarus Verilog from day one of our inception. We have added a few features to iverilog 0.8.7 and 0.9.* for our use. We have an RTL level Linting tool and Clock domain crossing tool derived from iverilog. So we know iverilog internals very well. You can trust us for high quality technical development and support.

We have developed a gui based regression tool for test writing and regression management.

Future projects: RTL level DFT analysis and test grading based on iverilog.


Embecosm provides open source services, tools and models to facilitate embedded software development with complex systems-on-chip. We offer commercial support for a wide range of open source tools, including Icarus Verilog.

OCLogic Limited


OCLogic is a UK company that specializes in custom FPGA design. We also have experience with and are able to arrange commercial support in Europe for all aspects of Icarus Verilog development, including bug fixes and new language features. We work directly with principle Icarus Verilog developers as needed, and provide clear, verifiable, results based contracts.