Community Support

Support for Icarus Verilog is self serve. The main documentation site for Icarus Verilog is the Iverilog wiki, and that is the first place to start for help. (There is also a legacy FAQ here.) If the documentation and the FAQ fail you, then try asking your question on the mailing lists. I and other contributors read the list regularly, and I encourage users to subscribe to the list, so in that forum you have a chance of getting a human being to help you.

If you think you have found a bug, then see the "Bugs" page. This tells you how and where to report bugs with the software. I try to promptly look to bug reports, but this is free software that I work on when (if!) I have time so please don't get impatient.

Commercial Support

If community support is not quite sufficient and you want to pay for support or significant efforts, contact a support provider directly. The "Support Providers" page contains a list of individuals and organizations that have expressed interest in providing Icarus Verilog specific commercial support.

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